About us

IAMMOZI, the name itself already reveals a bit of self-awareness. And in this case, it's about Monique and her dream, to not sit still and watch, but to act. To be someone. To create a strong brand that does make a difference.

So tell me, what is that difference?

We have one mission: to hand-out as much IAMMOZI shirts to children in Malawi as possible. Each year again we want to go there with suitcases filled with shirts. Actually, they are filled with joy and love. Because that's what you see when a child in Malawi receives a shirt. The happiness in their eyes, when they realize that someone they don't know, in a country far, far away cares about them. It makes them feel that they are worth it. In return, for us and all our customers that happiness is just priceless. You give, but you receive so much more in return. 

Fairtrade, sustainable & high quality

The IAMMOZI products are piece by piece 100% fairtrade, sustainable and have high quality standards. We only work with sustainable fabrics and fairtrade suppliers in India. I chose India because of the circle that I wanted to create between IAMMOZI, our customers, people in India and children in Malawi. In addition I have good connections with a local supplier there who is closely working with a GOTS certified company which is linked to a CHETNA project

So not only you & the child in Malawi benefits, it goes much further. Our suppliers are happy with each new order as well, so their employees have work and money to live from. It's a perfect circle. Will you help us to make it even bigger?

Why Malawi?

I, Monique, was about to start a business. One thing I was sure of: I want to have an honest, sustainable & fair business with a purpose that matters. The words 'I AM' have so much power, it defines who you really are. And that's not just something. You are who you are and that is perfect. Dare to dream & moreover, dare to do! So those words had to be integrated into the brand. Quite at the same time I saw on Facebook that Madonna was in Malawi. I follow her since I was a teenager. She made a very impressive documentary: I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE. You should really watch this. When I saw it I could not stop crying. One of the boys said "if you want to do something for us, please help us forget that we are orphans, for at least a moment" That touched me, big time. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, lots op people die of Aids and Malaria because of the lack of good health care. As a result, 45% of the people is younger than 18 years and the life expectancy is just 50 years. So, there are more than a million orphans in Malawi. From that moment on, I made my decision and created a new big life goal: let those kids forget about being an orphan for a moment and to let them start believing in themselves. 

In 2019 we handed out the first batch of shirts, check those happy kids! 

How can you contribute? 

We made it very easy for you. We designed the perfect shirts with a honest story. They last long and give you each time you wear it a very good feeling. You already found us. So besides visiting our webshop regulary, please share IAMMOZI with your friends and family. By telling about us and sharing our campaigns on social media. We are also very happy with reviews. Thank you for sharing our story! 

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Floja kids showing their IAMMOZI T-shirts